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Monday, August 07, 2023

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Have you ever dreamed of going to Harvard, but never really gave it a second thought because you could never afford to go there? Well, hold onto your hats because I've got some incredible news for you!

Your Harvard dream might be more affordable than you imagined because Harvard offers one of the most generous financial aid programs in the world and the bets part is that it is need-blind.

Gone are the days when you had to resign yourself to the notion that Harvard was simply too far-fetched for your budget because Harvard have just announced an unprecedented financial aid program. Starting from the 2023-24 academic year, families with annual incomes of up to $85,000 (that's up from the previous $75,000 benchmark) will not be expected to pay for their child's education.

And before you blow up my inbox asking about international students, let me ease your mind: Harvard offers the same financial aid for international and domestic students alike. Harvard's financial aid program is need blind, that means that no matter where you are from, if your family's income is less than 85k USD per year you will not need to pay for your education.

Now that you know that you can afford going to Harvard, the question is.... how can you get admitted?  Say hello to the "Insider Guide to Harvard Undergraduate Admissions," your ticket to navigating the intricate web of Harvard's application process and financial aid offerings. This guide is your beacon of light, illuminating the path towards making your Harvard aspirations come true. From tackling those nerve-wracking application essays to mastering the art of interviews, consider this guide your trusty companion on your journey towards Harvard's doorstep.

But hold on – let's not get too ahead of ourselves. The process of getting into Harvard isn't just about checking boxes and filling out forms; it's about crafting a compelling narrative that reflects your unique essence. We're not talking about robotic responses and dry résumés here; we're talking about showcasing your quirks, passions, and aspirations in a way that leaves an indelible mark on the admissions committee. The "Insider Guide to Harvard Undergraduate Admissions" dives deep into the art of presenting your authentic self, allowing you to stand out in a sea of applications.

And when it comes to financial aid, this guide becomes your trusty treasure map. It leads you through the labyrinth of forms, calculations, and documents, making the seemingly daunting process a breeze. 

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