Our program is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
*​If you join the Ivy League Admissions Bootcamp you will receive one extra month as a bonus.


Ivy League Admissions Bootcamp

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The Ivy Admissions Bootcamp is a comprehensive consulting package exclusively for the high school, undergraduate and graduate students currently applying for the 2024 admissions cycle to provide you with the support you need to create a successful application for your dream school.​

​As part of the Ivy League Admissions Bootcamp you will have access to help to:

Identify Best-fit Programs

We help you to choose the best universities that fits your profile and career aspirations

Create an application strategy

We help you find your angle and turn your unconventional background to your advantage during the admissions process.

Customized Application Theme

We will help you to create an application theme with our proprietary Application Trifecta process to help you to standout as a multi-passionate individual. 

1-1 Support

You will have weekly one-on-one meetings with me to make sure you are on the right track to get admitted.

Personalized help with your admissions essay

We will help you to find your voice and create a unique narrative that helps you to standout in the admissions process from brainstorming to final edit.

Application Review

We will review your application materials to make sure everything you include in your application package reflects the best version of you.

Private Chat

You’ll have access to me 24/7 through a private chat where you can get your questions answered anytime.

Find your spike

I will help you to find and communicate your spike, regardless of how spiky or well-rounded you are.

Assistance with your Application Documents Bundle

We will help you to collect al the documents required for your Harvard application, including degree equivalency for international students - if needed (for example, for post-graduate degrees)

Update your résumé

We will help you to create an Ivy League worthy resume that reflects your work experience, education, skills, organizational memberships, and achievements

Straighten your application profile 

Get help on your passion projects, extracurriculars and other experiences that can help you to standout as an applicant.

Help on your recommendation letters 

Get help on how to get the most impactful recommendations for your application.

BONUS: Unlimited essay reviews

Get as many essay reviews as you need to get your application essays and short-form answers as perfect as it can be.

BONUS: Scholarships Database

Access to my proprietary scholarships database with more than 255 opportunities to help oyu to finance your studies.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS (early bird students only):
1 EXTRA month of mentorship

If you join the Ivy League Admissions Bootcamp before the 1st of August 2024, you will receive one extra month to help you to prep for your college interviews.


Please note that this is a limited-time offer available on a first-come, first-served basis, once the available spots are filled you will no longer be able to join the mentorship program.


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Ivy League Admissions Bootcamp
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6-months bootcamp for Ivy League Admissions

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Get Started Today 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

While investing in your education is invaluable, I know that working with an admissions consultant can be a large commitment.

As you make a decision, it's important to me that you feel confident in your decision. That is why I offer a 100% money-back guarantee with our 7-day trial.

If you join our program and find the fit isn’t quite right for you, simply request a refund within 7 days of purchase, just email us at support@youradmissionsadvisor.com, no strings-attached :)

Meet your mentor

Hi, my name is Karina

I did my post-graduate degree at Harvard, but I've also had the opportunity to study at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, like The London School of Economics, The University of Sydney, and Oxford University - don't worry, you are in good hands.

I have seen firsthand how having a non-traditional background can be a powerful asset in the application process as I was never a straight-A student myself. But I was able to succeed in my university applications nonetheless because I was able to find my own path to success and I am here to help you to do the same. Now I am here to help people like you to find their path to Harvard.

As a Harvard alumna, I know what it takes to stand out in the competitive admissions process at Harvard. And I am on a mission to help people like you turn their unconventional background into their advantage. There are many different paths to Harvard depending on your experience and career aspirations and I am here to help you to find your unique path.

Stop Playing The Guessing Game!


With a highly competitive admissions process, thousands of applicants vying for a limited number of spots, and an ever low admissions rate, it can be difficult to know how to stand out when applying to Harvard.

If you search through the internet for the answers you are looking for, you will most often get random tips & tricks that are too vague and not personalized to your needs that could harm your chances of getting admitted.

You could be wasting your time with classes, extracurriculars and other time consuming activities that have little to no impact on your application. Or you might have a strong profile but you don't have a cohesive application strategy to make your application standout. Either way you will just end up burnt out, stressed and frustrated to put on all the hard work to be REJECTED from Harvard.

Don't let your dream of attending Harvard become just that – a dream.

I am here to provide you with personalized guidance on every aspect of the application process and craft an application that puts your best foot forward and  showcases your strengths and experiences in a way that helps you to standour in your admissions process.

Don't let admissions statistics scare you away from your dreams!

Join the Ivy League Admissions Bootcamp Today!

Here's the Problem...

Sadly, most people don’t even dare to apply to Harvard for fear of rejection or not being good enough to be admitted. Maybe you've been told that your experiences aren't valuable or that your background isn't the "right" one. Or perhaps you're intimidated by the idea of applying to Harvard and unsure where to start and I am here to change that.

Harvard is a very selective university, but most people who got into Harvard did not get a noble prize or cure for cancer, they just got the right advice so they could frame their application appropriately to highlight and make the case to why they should be admitted over everyone else.

You don’t need to have perfect test scores to get into Harvard, but it does require a deep understanding of all the elements of your college application, what matters the most in a college application and how to create a cohesive narrative about you and what makes you special in order to get in.

That's why I created this mentorship program, to help people like you to find their path to Harvard. Harvard is not just about their most known programs, like college, MBA, Medical school, and MPP. In fact, Harvard offers hundreds of different programs that most people haven't even heard of. Anyone is capable of getting admitted to Harvard, and I am here to help you to find and get admitted to a program that fits your unique goals and career aspirations.

How I can help you

We are not your conventional admissions consulting company...

We specialize in helping people with unconventional backgrounds to pursue a Harvard Degree. We know that applying to Harvard is a stressful and overwhelming process, so we are actively hands-on to provide the help you need to succeed in the admissions process.

We specialize in helping people with unconventional backgrounds to pursue a Harvard Degree.

We know that applying to Harvard is a stressful and overwhelming process, so we are actively hands on to provide the help you need to succeed in the admissions process.

The road to Harvard is not an easy one, but we also believe that your background should not limit your potential.

No one size fits all approach

We are committed to helping you leverage your unique experiences, skills, and achievements to create a standout application that showcases your full potential as a Harvard student.

We specialize in helping people like you, win non-traditional background to get admitted to Harvard.

There are many different paths to Harvard depending on your experience and career aspirations and we are here to help you to find your unique path.

Try it Risk-Free

We are incredibly invested in each of our student's success.

We know that hiring an admissions consultant is a large investment, so we provide a 7-days trial, where you can test our program for a week risk-free and if it's not a good fit for you can get your money back with no-strings attached :)


Frequently Asked Questions

 What happens next?

After you enroll in the Ivy League Admissions Bootcamp, you will receive a confirmation email with a link for you to book your onboarding session.

On the call I'll ask some questions to get to know you better and start preparing your college application.

Can I enroll in this program if I am an international student?

Yes you can! This program is a great option for international students that need extra guidance to understand the admissions process at US universities.

 What is the difference between the Ivy League Admissions Bootcamp and your Mentorship Program?

My mentorship program is designed to help students at any stage of their admissions process to strengthen their changes to get admitted to their dream school with extracurriculars and other activities to help them to stand out as applicants. 
The Ivy League Admissions Bootcamp is designed for students who have already worked on their application profile extensively over the years and just need practical help to get them through the finish line to make a strong college application? 

 Who is this program suitable for?

This program is suitable for:
- High school students applying for college.
- Undergraduate students applying for post-graduate school. 

 What if this mentorship is not the right fit for me?

If you try our Iva League Admissions Bootcamp program and you believe that this program is not the right fit for you, you can cancel your membership within the first 7 days to receive a full refund of your first month.

Just send us an email 24-hours before the end of your first week :)

 When does the program start, and how long does it last?

This program starts on the day you join the Ivy League Admissions Bootcamp Program, and it lasts six months from the day you join, except if you join before August first. Students who join the Ivy League Admissions Bootcamp before August 1st will receive one extra month as a FREE Bonus to continue prepping for their interviews.

I have more questions about the program, how can I ask you?

If you have any other questions about the program you can either reach out to us by email (support@youradmissionsadvisor.com) or on our Instagram or Tik Tok.

 Can I join the program just for a month?

No, this is a six-month bootcamp program designed to help you to create the best possible college application.

We are not affiliated with Harvard University. We are are an independent admissions consulting company that helps students to get admitted to Harvard University. We are not responsible for your college admissions decision, the success or failure of your Harvard admission process depends solely on your efforts and any testimonials on our website are for illustrative purposes only.